Praat uses a rather unorthodox approach to define colours: red, green and blue components have to be provided in a scale from 0 to 1, in which 0 equals to absense of a component.

This plugin offers conversions from standard colour formatting to Praat’s idiosyncratic format. In particular, this plugin parses hexadecimal, RGB and HSV formats. To do so, it uses a series of procedures to convert hexadecimal and HSV formats into RGB, and then from RGB to Praat’s format.

When the plugin is installed, several new commands become available in the Picture window, under the World and Pen menu. These commands can be used manually or they can be intergrated directly into scripts by the means of runScript.

Besides the colour formatting, these new commands receive the same arguments than the original commands it aims to emulate.


Install using CPrAN:

cpran install colour

You can download an archive of the latest version for manual installation, but you’ll have to also manually install the dependencies yourself. You can manually install the plugin just like any other Praat plugin.


include ../../plugin_colour/procedures/rainbow.proc
@rainbow: 10, 50, 50