colour offers standard alternatives to Praat's native colour format colour status View
config read structured data from a config file config status View
htklabel Read and write HTK/HTS label files htklabel status View
json read and write valid JSON using Praat json status View
printf use printf-style commands for string formatting printf status View
selection procedures to manage Praat selections selection status View
serialise read/write JSON or YAML Praat objects serialise status View
sndutils a collection of basic Sound utilities sndutils status View
strutils a collection of basic Strings utilities strutils status View
tap a full implementation of the Test Anything Protocol tap status View
template a blank template for you to modify template status View
testsimple simple implementation of the Test Anything Protocol testsimple status View
tgutils a collection of basic TextGrid utilities tgutils status View
twopass a method for utterance-specific Pitch threshold estimation twopass status View
utils a collection of basic utilities to facilitate scripting utils status View
varargs write variadic procedures in Praat varargs status View
vieweach a set of customizable procedures to iterate through sets of objects vieweach status View
window Implement windowing algorithms with minimal effort window status View