JSON is a standard for data serialisation that has seen widespread use in the exchange of arbitrarily complex data structures across all sorts of software tools. It allows you to write these data in a format that is not application-dependant, and share them with whatever you choose.

The JSON plugin provides Praat with a much needed interface to produce JSON output from internal data structures. It uses Table objects as dictionaries and Strings objects as lists, and provides procedures to easily print the contents of these as JSON-compliant output.

The methods included allow for objects to reference other objects, making it possible to represent arbitrarily complex data structures.

Additionally, this plugin includes procedures to interact with Table objects as if they were a dictionary, in a way that complements the methods offered by the array.proc file in the “strutils” plugin.


Install using CPrAN:

cpran install json

You can download an archive of the latest version for manual installation, but you’ll have to also manually install the dependencies yourself. You can manually install the plugin just like any other Praat plugin.


  • utils
  • strutils