cpran search [options] [arguments]


Searches both the local and remote catalogs of CPrAN plugins.

The argument to search must be a single regular expression. Currently, search tries to match it on the plugni’s name, and returns a list of all those who do.

When executed directly, it will print information on the matched plugins, including their name, version, and a short description. If searching the locally installed plugins, both the local and the remote versions will be displayed.


# Show all available plugins
cpran search .*
# Show installed plugins with the string "utils" in their name
cpran search -i utils



Search the local (installed) CPrAN catalog.


Print debug messages.



Performs the search agains the specified fields of the plugin.


Generates and adds a line for the output table. This subroutine internally calls make_output_row() and attaches it to the table.


Generates the appropriate line for a single plugin specified by name. Takes the name as an argument, and returns a list suitable to be plugged into a Text::Table object.

The output depends on the current options: if –installed is enabled, the returned list will have both the local and the remote versions.

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